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Neonya!! LED Wristband (Mark II)

Neonya!! LED Wristband (Mark II)

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The new, wider Neonya!! LED Wristband Mark II comes with a super easy-to-use magnetic clasp and crisp laser-engraved graphics. The design features a horizontal version of the Neonya!! Party logo and a winking Nya-tan on techy diagonal stripes, and is an awesome eye-catcher at raves and other events.

Furthermore, you can seamlessly chain together as many of these as you'd like. Two can make for a choker, but we've also seen contraptions of up to five. The sky is the limit!

Comes in five static colors: magenta, blue, yellow, green and white. The multicolor variant automatically cycles color between green, red, orange and blue.

Comes with batteries. Batteries can be replaced; requires 2 x CR1220

One size. Dimensions: 20627mm

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